I use the best products to form my acrylics and pride my self on not causing any damage to your nails or the surrounding skin.

I recommend 10 –  14 days before a tidy up and back-fill, sometimes a little longer depending on the clients job and nailcare home treatment plan.

Acrylics are a temporary extension allowing your nail to grow natural underneath. With the right nail plan you should be able to grow your own nails underneath, have manicures to strenthen your own and to save money and ideally be natural.

Whether you have dry hands, bitten nails, long mails, stained nails – I can make a treatment plan to suit your individual needs so that your nails can be brought back to good healthand look good. The same also applies wth feet.

On all dry manicures you get a file buff and a paint of your choice.  With or without manicure and polish these treatments are ideal for tired hardworking hands. Whether it’s for Arthritis skin complaints or just a devine treat. Shea butter serum is an all round natural blend of shea butter.

  • Full Set of Acrylics £25.00

  • Nail Art from £5.00

  • Overlay £10.00

  • Back Fill £13.00

  • Mini Dry Manicure Paint or Art of Choice £7.00

  • Mini Dry Pedicure Paint or Art of Choice £7.00

Why not have the ultimate in hand treatments a shea butter heat therapy treatment? Beeswax and Shea butter that revitalizes skin?