All waxing is done with sugar wax, it’s slightly hot, but it gives a much better result. This method is an ancient one that dates back as far as the Egyptian era pre Ramses. It’s the sugar, water and lemon juice that help I find as is very effective in removing all hairs wthout having to keep going over an area. This method then leaves less reddening.

Hairs after two sessions of waxing should take 6 – 8 weeks to grow back and Contrary to peoples beliefs the hairs grow back thinner with waxing each time as you’re pulling out from the follicle and so eventually the follicle dies.

  • Facial hair £7.00

  • Full leg £15.00

  • Half leg £8.00

  • Under arm £10.00

  • Bikini £10.00

  • Toes £4.00

  • Brazilian £15.00